The Benefits of Hosted VOIP over Traditional Phone Systems

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What is Voice over IP, or VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, known as VoIP, is an internet-based transmission system that allows you to make calls over the internet instead of through a traditional phone system. Sometimes known as internet telephony, this technology changes voice vibrations to digital signals that then translate to Internet Protocol (IP) packets which are changed over to a typical telephone signal (if you use a normal telephone).

Hosted VoIP services basically allow you to make a telephone call from a computer instead of an average telephone system. There are hosted VoIP services and installed systems, but the former option allows you to use the service without installing anything on your systems. All you need is a computer and a VoIP phone and you’ll be able to experience a wide range of benefits that the traditional telephone system can’t offer.

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How Hard is Hosted VOIP to Setup and Maintain?

Hosted VoIP services are incredibly easy to install, setup, and maintain. There is no hardware to install and no wires to run in your office. You don’t even need any extreme technical know-how to do this. If you have a computer system, all you have to pick up are IP phones. When you purchase your hosted VoIP services, the host company maintains everything for you and you can always add new configurations or move your configuration thanks to convenient web portals. With hosted VoIP services, there is nothing to install, either. All data is combined on one network for easy access and manageability.

How hard is it to scale up or down the size of the system?

Once your system is ready to go you can add more lines or take away useless ones. If you were using a traditional telephone system, it would be a waste of money to have extra phone lines that weren’t being used or to add more lines if it turns out you didn’t have enough to begin with. With hosted VoIP services, you can add and subtract lines as you need so expanding or downsizing your business won’t cost you extra money.

Save Money with Telecommuting

With hosted VoIP services, you can also feel free to move your office without any additional expenses or hassles. You’ll have access to a web portal that will allow you to change your system when necessary. You can also divert calls to different phones if you have employees that work out in the field or travel consistently. Since the hosted service is cloud-based, you can do this no matter the location of the user in question.

What about Features?

If you’re worried about losing out on specific call features that traditional phone systems offer, fear not! With VoIP services, you will still be able to use normal telephone features including call transfers, hold options, conference calling, phone menus, call hunting, and even older features like fax machine support through virtual faxing (no more paper or toner!).

Save Money and Boost Productivity

If you’re running a business, money is always the bottom line. With VoIP service, you will save money and boost your business’s productivity. Physical systems are expensive to procure, setup, and maintain. You’d always have to pay a third-party for that setup and maintenance. VoIP services take most of that cost away since all you’ll need to do is purchase the service through the host company and get your VoIP phones. Everything else you need, you’ll already have to run other aspects of your business (internet service, computers). In addition, the calls are less expensive than traditional phone calls especially when you’re dealing with international phone calls which can cost you extra money through a traditional phone system.

In terms of productivity, a VoIP system can allow you and your employees to do other things besides make calls. While on the call, you and your employees will be able to speak to people on the line, send documents through the system, attend virtual meetings, and share data through conferencing. You’ll even be able to surf the web while on a VoIP call. If it’s easier to get work done, everyone will be able to do more in a given day.

Integrate with Other Systems

Another nice feature of hosted VOIP is systems integration. Most hosted phone systems now have the ability to integrate with cloud based application, Help Desk Application, CRM sofftware and more allowing your employees to get information faster and do more while on the phone.

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